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Sand In Santa Cruz, Alarms in Alabaster & Sleep in Saint Helena

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The highlight of today was a wonderful trip to the beach.  Ok, not all of it was wonderful, Gia and Joey were car sick - Joey actually cried, the third time in four years - but once we were out of the car, everyone was fine.  My cousin, Terri, took us to Santa Cruz, and even if we had not made it to the beach, we could have watched the variety of eclectic people for hours.  We had lunch right on the water and then walked onto the beach.  We were even able to take Joey onto the sand in his wheelchair.  While Terri watched Joey, Gia and I got our feet wet in the ocean - I could have stayed there all day.  I have some great pictures, but the computer I'm using right now is not letting me upload, so hopefully tomorrow I can post them.

After the beach, we took a stroll through downtown Santa Cruz - they had some wonderful little shops, some of which you would never find in Alabama!  I found an amazing coffee shop that offered more varieties of coffee than I had ever seen before.  When your coffee was ready, they would notify you by shouting the name of the coffee you had ordered.  So, imagine the smile on my face when I heard "Sweet Italian" yelled out.  Yes, that was my coffee!

During our beach trip, I recv'd a phone call from ADT, our alarm company.  I also recv'd a phone call from my dear friend, Jessica, who is at the top of my ADT call list.  It seems that Lt. Burton, who is taking care of our yard while we are away, accidentally set off the alarm, which in turn dispatched the Alabaster Police Department.  See, even when I'm not home the excitement never ends!  Now, probably hoping I wouldn't find out, Lt. Burton never mentioned this to me yesterday, so I had to chuckle when Gia sent him a text message saying "set off any alamrs lately"?!?

Since we still had to pack up the van and head towards the Napa Valley, we decided to call it a day.  Back at Terri's, we loaded up the van, no small task, and said our goodbyes.  It was later in the day than I realized and I wasn't looking forward to driving at night, but since this was territory I knew pretty well, I wasn't worried. The drive to Saint Helena took just under three hours, we had to stop twice, so we made it to Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy's home around 11:00 p.m.  Joey decided he would let everyone in the neighborhood know that we had arrived - it was well past midnight before he settled down - how he didn't wake everyone up is still a mystery.  He wasn't upset, just really happy - probably excited to be free from his car seat. 

Gia and I unpacked the car, but first we had to inflate the air mattress Joey would sleep on.  If Joey didn't wake up our relatives, I just knew the motor on the air mattress would.  We are not a quiet bunch, not at all - but we're fun to have around!  The last time I looked at the clock, it said 1:17 a.m. - and everyone fell asleep.

Pictures soon, I promise!


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