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California Dreaming No More.....We're Here!

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We made it!  A few hours ago we pulled into the driveway of my cousin Terri's home in beautiful Morgan Hill, California.  Nonna & Papa are just down the road at a hotel - we will see them on Friday.  Looking back on our trip - a small part of me can't believe we drove here from Alabama - and another part of me is so excited that we did!  There were a handful of people that thought we were crazy - one mom, two kids driving across the country is just not safe - be we did it and we're here and now we can relax for the next week and enjoy seeing family - some of which we haven't seen in decades!

Our trip today was less dramatic than yesterday - and I will fill you in on the details and photos after I sleep for at least seven hours!  Gia & Joey are doing great - Joey is quite the traveler and fell asleep in his own bed tonight - he hasn't been thrilled with sharing a bed with Gia and I the past few nights, and I can say that the feeling is mutual.  Joey always wakes up first and that means hair gets pulled, his fingers find their way into our ears and despite his low muscle tone - the kid has a surprisingly strong left hook.

Thanks so much for keeping up with our crazy travels - more to follow soon....


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California Dreamin' 2009

Alabama To California, United States