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Suitcases & Such...

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Just what I need, another website to update!  

If you follow Joey's CaringBridge site or my FaceBook page, you will not see too many updates over the next few weeks.  I thought it best not to advertise that we are going to be out of town.  So, please don't leave any comments on any of those sites regarding our trip!  :)  Our travel blog will be updated a couple times a day by either myself or Gionna - I can only imagine what we will have to write about as we drive across the country - stay tuned folks, this is gonna be fun!

Today we began packing for our three week road trip to California.  You wouldn't think three people, one of them being just 5, would require much - oh, think again.  Joey's medical supplies alone take up quite a bit of space and then there is the soon to be 15 year old princess who must think she is never returning home based on all she has packed.  If I'm lucky, there may be just enough room for my suitcase.  That's all right, its all part of the fun. 

The plan is to leave Alabaster before the sun comes up on Monday morning.  For some reason, Gionna has it in her head that it would be "so fun" to leave really early in the morning - I think 3:00 a.m. was her suggestion.  I had this response......"if Starbucks isn't open, then it's too early to leave!"


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California Dreamin' 2009

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