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4/23 in Paris

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Workout, steam in the spa, brunch (fabulous) and a train ride to Versailles, LIFE IS GOOD!

We were again overwhelmed by the food and wine, but the views of the Palace at Versailles was our beauty of the day.  They knew how to live it up back in the day!  Napolean lived life in High Fashion and Marie Antonette was a very lucky girl.

We are true Parisians, we hopped a train from our hotel and even changed trains to make it out to the country.  I think we would be OK living here (although AA would be in our future for sure).  We ended our day in an Itailian restaurant that was yummy too.  Jen is going to do a food guide for you on our blog separately so that you can write down all the great restaurants.  (Dan wanted to let everyone know that McDonalds is here for those of you that can't wait for some true US French Fries.  We had to have some for our train trip back from Versailles today.) 


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10 Year Anniversary

Paris, France