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4/22 in Paris

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Today was spent at the Eiffel tower and the market.  I didn't think that we would find any bargains, but I am coming home with some goods!  The olive oil and vinegar is a lot less expensive here (DUH!) even including the exchange rate.  I am bringing back my share.  Jen and I also found Aunt Sylvia's favorite chocolate so we had to get some of that.  We found the wine store of the century and plan on going there to get our lot to bring back with us.  The wine is a bargain too (even with the exchange rate).

I don't know who I talked to prior to this trip, but the French have been very nice.  They get impatient with our inability to make decisions in the restaurants, but they are just reacting the way our waitresses wished they could (but can't since it will mean their livelyhood).  Once we do make a decision and we talk them up, they are very friendly and it is like we have long lost family here. 

The Eiffel Tower was really facinating.  I kept thinking how much Harry would like to see this place and how it is put together.  The way they built it must have been quite a sight to see.  The parks were full of children playing and dogs running.  The locals actually come here to relax.  We could learn a lot from them!  (btw - We haven't seen the dog poop all around they way I was warned.  It is actually very clean.)


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