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Day 1 & 2

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Our first day was spent catching up to the time zones.  We arrived in Paris without issue and got a great taxi driver, with a great sense of humor, to drive us to our hotel.  Napping was first priority after a great glass of champagne!  We did venture out for food and a few pubs, but there wasn't much open on a Sunday so we were back in the hotel at an early 11pm. 

The true DAY 1 was spent at the Louvre and Notre Dame.  What an amazing day!!!  The building at the Louvre could be a visitor's paradise, but the art was to die for.  I have posted lots of pictures from our day.  We must have walked 10 miles today.  The weather was great, about 50 degrees and only a bit of rain.  The Louvre has a bit of air conditioning issues so we were totally sweaty during our trek through the museum, but it was worth it since the art was AMAZING.  We ended our day (7 hours of museum) with a great meal and wine.

Lisa T - I lit a candle at Notre Dame today in your honor.  It was amazing.  The colors in the windows and the sound of the sanctuary made you feel like you were that much closer to our maker.  We are going to try to see a service later this week.  It is hard to make to a relegious ceremony when the wine flows so freely here!  Thank God, He loves us how we are!

I am not having much luck with the photo uploads so I will keep trying.

Mark & Lisa - Don't forget to pick a winner for me in the Idol pool!!!


Mark, Tricia, Dan & Jen


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10 Year Anniversary

Paris, France