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First Glimpses.

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We only agreed to take the Alaska trip on Sunday.  Our friends Stephanie and Dan have to move from Maine back to Alaska for Dan's job.  They were looking for drivers to help break up the long drive.  When I first heard about it, I laughed and I think I might have said "Good luck!" out loud.

But then my wife Mary actually suggested it last Saturday as if it were something we could actually do.

After talking it over, we decided to see if it was possible for her to take the whole family in our big 15-passenger van and meet up in Anchorage, then as a family continue down the west coast of the US to San Diego, then back via the Grand Canyon.  It was a great idea, but proved to be completely unfeasible. For one, Mary is getting ready to leave for Costa Rica day after tomorrow and I'll be watching the kids while she is gone - the trip for Alaska starts on the 28th, or 3 weeks from today. My dad, who somehow became a good source of advice just about the time I turned 30, pointed out that it was a looong time in the car for all the kids.  Looking on the map, it was obvious that it would be a monumental undertaking.  The line on google maps stretching from home to Anchorage was about as long as the line from home to Hawaii - the main difference, of course, is that it is easier to drive to Hawaii, since you can skip Canada.  Seriously though, I am looking forward to Canada.

In the end we decided that I would go take the trip - driving Chicago to Anchorage (flying from/to Atlanta on each end) along with my son Simon, who is 12.  Simon has been to Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and a 3-week stint in Panama as a guy trip with me and 2 brothers - the most travelled among us besides Mary.  Now he's going to add on Canada.

On Sunday night, I got an email from my boss okaying my vacation time request, so we worked the deal with Stephanie and she bought the plane tickets for Simon and me.

Talking with Stephanie on chat tonight, it came up that they haven't actually figured out where we will be sleeping on this long trip.  That will be interesting.

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Anchorage Alaska, United States
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