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Journal No 13 - Unlucky for some.

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Hello everybody! Hello Doctor Nick! James and I are both writing this today, but so far Anne is dictating/falling asleep behind me. Anne has been bitten twice by the same thing on her arm and she says it looks minging. We have just counted our change pot and it contains just over $6 which i reckon is enough to by 8 pints of milk back in England.

So James' birthday was fun wasn't it James? We picked up the Toyota Yaris and named it Uncle Audrey, and headed north on Highway 99 til we were 9km past Squamish when we turned off for the white water base. Anne slept for an hour as we were mega early as is the Taylor tradition apparantly. I walked around bored and took photos, got really hungry and so had to drive real quick to the next town to but some pringles and a mars bar. We then met our co-rafting companions who were all "made in Taiwan" bar 2 canadians from the East. We got kitted up in wetsuits and then got on a big yellow school bus with rafts on top and headed off on the 1 1/4 hour trip mainly on a single lane, gravel logging road besides the Elaho river. The lady driving was in constant contact through walky talky with the trucks coming the opposite direction so's we didn't get killed!
We eventually got onto the river, and learnt the basics very quickly. We were on the river for a couple of hours with a small break for biscuits and sweets and lemonade. The rapids were really good, but Anne and I got to sit at the very front of the raft for the second portion of rapids which we agreed were much better than the 1st! Anne told everyone it was my birthday, so I was treated to 6 Taiwanese randoms singing me happy birthday while floating down the river. I also had to do something called "the rodeo" which involved me standing up on the very front of the raft whilst facing the others and holding a rope tight as i leaned out over the water. Then everyone in the raft would all paddle in circles, trying to make me lose balance and fall in which i inevitably did! It was very, very cold! We also swam in the rapids a bit early which Anne obviously wants me to mention incase you think that she didn't get wet! The funniest part was when one of the boys took part in a game where he had to sit on the front of the raft with his legs dangling in the water, facing downstream whilst going through some really heavy rapids. He was there for a few seconds and then all we saw was a massive wave followed by him appearing on his arse somewhere back in the boat! Anne nearly cried (with laughter).

We rafted more and then headed back to base where no one else stayed for the bbq. It was pretty darn delicious. Nachos, chicken burger, potato salad, ice tea, cookie... Mmmmm we could eat that now. We also overheard the two caucasian girls talking about tipping and so we ate fast and left for Whistler. As if. Tipping for rafting! Tipping everywhere. The women at the desk said to the girls, "it's just like a restaurant, if you have a good time, you tip, you know" YEAH YEAH. Am I being tight?? James says he will only tip for rafting when money is actually falling out of his bottom. And even then, it would be a very low tip. Dirty money.

We are feeling a little mischievous. Vino's ex wife is here and we dislike her. Very much. She is sometimes just around even though she doesn't live here and Vino isn't in. And she's really loud and we're the tenants so think it's pretty rude. Just making phone calls and stealing our juice. Please leave. 

Back to the tale... We headed to Whistler and were both feeling knackered, slightly ill and a little grumpy. We weren't overwhelmed. It all seems a little fake and way way too small. It would be quite fun if it wasn't so popular but I can just imagine it being packed in the Winter time. We walked around the few shops and looked at grocery prices to see if we could afford to live there and started to warm to it. Gentle heat. But then the grumpiness and tiredness took over and we aborted plan and headed back to the car to drive home. We will probably go back and if not check out the other winter resorts around Canada.
We tried stopping at Taco Bell as I recommended it to James but we were 10 minutes late. James was not happy. We drove further and I had another mini snooze. We stopped off at a couple of lakes and scenic viewpoints whilst the sun was coming down. We still had 3/4 of tank of gas and had prepaid so wanted to use as much fuel to stop Budget collecting more of our strapped cash monies. But we gave in, looked for some food to please hungry James and stopped off at Vera's which is a burger joint. Apparently "you can't beat Vera's meat". We drove home and James got some mini birthday cakes.

That's all I'm afraid folks as I'm about to pass out with sleepiness. James is burnt. Canada day was fun. He will tell you more another time as he was partying whilst I was attending to parties. We walked Lacey too (the boxer from north vancouver) and she is a pleasure to walk. And awfully cute. Photos will follow. James misses her. Mole watch out. Love to you all. x


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James' Birthday Trip 09

Squamish/Whistler, Canada