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Yellowstone National Park

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Okay when we left off we were going to Medora.  Great little town, a bit different then we thought.  It is an actual working western town.  We took the train around town and as you see from the pictures we had cocktails at the Boots Saloon.  Then we were off to dinner at the "Pitch Fork Fondue".  They put your steak on a pitch fork and cook it.  It was great, however very cold the wind was wiping and we had on sweaters and coats.  So needless to say we didn't stay very much longer than dinner. 

Then we are here at Yellowstone.  Very beautiful I only put on a few pictures I have lots more.  It is amazing how many hot spots there are its like a volcano ready to erupt.  The smell of sulfer is overwhelming at times  especially when your down wind.  It is a very, very big park.  Took us 2 days of 8 hours each day just  to see everything.  As you see we saw an Elk, we also saw deer, a heard of buffalo, many species of birds and on our way out of the park yesterday we did see a grizzly bear. He was sleeping under a tree.  If the Park Ranger didn't point him out you would have missed it.  The picture didn't come out to good that's why it's not on the blog.

Unfortunately, because of time we are not going to make Washington or Oregon.  BooHoo..... But we would need at least 3 more weeks.  So we are off to Northern California to Wine country and we have friends near San Fran so we will stay there approx. a week.

Anyway that's about it for now...Take care and we'll keep you posted.
The "Happy Campers"


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