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First leg of our trip...

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We made it back east. We had a great time on the way here.   The "Big Texan" restaurant was great this is the home of the 72 oz steak.  If you eat the meal in 1 hour it's free. You must eat an appetizer, salad, a large loaded baked potato and a roll and of course the steak.  We asked the waitress what the record was and believe it or not it's 8 minutes and 52 seconds!!!!!  That is unbelievable but, must add that he was a professional eater.

Dodge City was great Mark was in his element. Fort Dodge was great.  We stayed here a couple of days. Then we were on the road again.  Some of the quaintest little towns we came across. 

We stayed in "Jellystone National Park" with Yogie and BooBoo.  It was a great place for kids, really cute park.

Then off to Pottsville,PA.  This is were our friends Eric &  Jen live.  They gave us the grand tour of their town which turns out to be very historic. We  toured "Yuengling" Brewery this is  America's oldest brewery. It was right there in Pottsville!!  Mohamad Ali had a training camp there.  The Chamiponship "Pottsville Maroons" from 1925 keep them in the news.  Still trying to regain there crown. We had a great visit.

Then "Home" we'll be here for till the 20th.  Now your up to date.....


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Mark and Pats Adventure 2009

Phoenix, AZ, United States