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Los Angles And San Diego A Cross County Trip In Summer Holidays

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California third largest state and first major destination for tourists in United States. With many regions of California have its own reputation but south region of California is more famous because south region is home of Disneyland, Hollywood, miles of beaches and world’s most popular destination Los Angeles and San Diego that are adjacent to each other. Recently I visit south region of California with my friends for enjoying holidays. Except holidays no more options in our life that we can do get together and in holidays we get so much time and in these days we enjoyed our friendship of one year and memorize all moments. A little bit all of us were familiar with this state because of world’s adventure destination and we also take a tourist guide to know more about this state that was very helpful for us because by which we know that a lot of cheap hotels are available in this state that provides all facilities just like home. All of us planned to go this state by air and after making reservation for air and hotels we fly to this state from our home town on May 22, 2008.

The first day was that day when we leave our home town to south region of California and reached to Los Angeles that was the major destination of south region of California. We reached to this city at late morning because the distance was very less from our hometown and to save our time and to avoid traffic we choose travel by air. As we leave flight we collect our luggage and went to our cheap Los Angeles hotels by public transit that was reserved from a famous hotel site by searching with hotels in Los Angeles. The mistake that was taken by us that we prefer to catch our hotel by public transit because of traffic we water our so much time and also get tired. But by getting our hotels room we feel so energized because it was well interior, decorated with all facilities. So, taking some rest in hotel remove all stress and by taking some refreshment we went to visitor center to know about this city and then went to market for enjoying streets of Los Angeles and then by taking dinner all of us came back to our room with preparation of other day.

The second day that was our second day for trip and we travel around this city by car to save time and to avoid traffic also. This day first of all we went to Griffith park where all of us enjoyed hiking trails, zoo, and ridings that’s were for kids. From this park we see great view of this city. At a very short walking distance from this park six flags magic mountain park was there that were a theme park for enjoying water ridings and all of us enjoyed them. This day we also travel around historic and cultural sites that were very nice and showing the history and culture of this city. By enjoying the nightlife of this city we came back to our hotel take dinner and went to our bed for sleeping.

               The third day that was another outing day for traveling around other cities of this state. This day we went to Hollywood city where written word of Hollywood on mountains was most visible symbol to enter in this city. In this we saw many live performances at Kodak theatre and watch a movie at Grauman’s Chinese theatre that was most famous movie theatre of world and Hollywood sign was most identifiable where we enjoy hiking near this sign. In this city the nightlife was fully for youngsters that we enjoyed very much.

The fourth day that’s was adventurous day because this day we travel around east side or harbor area of this city where a lot of large varieties of activities were there. At this side, we meet up with EchoPark that was a hot picnic spot and a good place for picnic and we enjoyed here a lot of water activities and adventure ridings. This day we also went to long beach and harbor area where we enjoyed water activities and other areas of attractions like RecreationPark, gondola gateway, china town and museums of arts and history. By enjoying this full city we came back to hotel.

The fifth day that’s was San Diego trip day. This day we leave this city early morning and start travel to San Diego by car that takes only three hours. While going to this city we see many areas of attractions and by seeing these we realize that really this is a modern city of California because we only heard about it never see this city. This city is known for its environment, miles of beaches, nightlife, destinations and other point of area of attractions. This day we travel around beach because we spent a lot of time without beach activities and as we get beach we can stop our feelings and start to enjoy them. At beach we played in sand that was very cool and at beach we enjoyed swimming, surfing, fishing, and boating. By seeing sunset at beach we came back form beach and that’s was our bad luck that we can not see sunrise. By enjoying all beach activities we came back to our San Diego hotel that was reserved before one day to leave Los Angeles from same site that also offer lot of cheap hotels in San Diego with discount offer on reservation. In this city, there were so many beach cities but enjoyed at La Jolla beach and because it was most famous and at this beach a little pool were made for children in which kids can enjoy.

The sixth day that was another day in this city was very nice because this day we went to BalboaPark where we see many arts, history, and technology museums that were very helpful for kids and all other ages. At this park, we saw San Diego zoo where a large number of animals were there with so many exhibits. At this zoo, a lot of gardens were there like rose garden, botanical garden, and Moorish garden. At this place a lot of hiking and biking trails were there to which them we enjoyed a lot.

The seventh day, we went to rock climbing that was most popular adventurous and birch aquarium where we meet with opportunities to see excellent exhibits. This day we also went to another beach where we enjoy scuba diving, whale watching, and riding with wave. All these were suggested by a traveler who enjoyed these and also suggest enjoying these and all of us gave him thanks to meet with new life adventurous. In evening, we went to downtown, from where we do shopping and enjoy nightlife because it was perfect place to enjoy nightlife in this city.

The eight day that was the last day of our trip enjoyed other sites of San Diego and other cities of south region of California. This day we travel around only to our hotel and surrounding areas and at the time of evening, all of us checked out our hotel to go for our hometown. While leaving this state, all of us memorize our days that we spent get together and fly to our hometown.


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Cross County Trip With Adventure Holidays

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