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Day 24 - Day 27

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My adventures in New Zealand began by getting off the ship in Milford Sound and taking an overland/overnight tour to Queenstown and getting back on the ship in Dunedin. Well, I got off the ship, and then the adventure began. The trip to Queenstown was beautiful with scenic views that were breathtaking. It was very, very, very cold and windy, however, and I ended up buying a nice wool scarf and gloves (New Zealand wool of course). The evening in Queenstown was a bit disappointing due to the weather and I was kicking myself for spending so much money on this excursion when the announcement was made that the ship could not meet us in Dunedin…..and we got to spend two more days in Queenstown!!!. Excellent!! It was beautiful weather and picture postcard days. I found a quilt shop in town and bought some beautiful NZ fabric. I heard on the news that the southern coast of NZ had 80mph winds! Hurricane force!! Needless to say I was glad I was on land and not on a ship in that storm. Those of us on the tour bonded and made the best of the situation. We were laughing at the fact that we were "stranded" in Queenstown. When actually we were being treated like royalty. I was assigned a 3 bedroom villa to stay in during my ordeal. It was magnificent and I was told worth a million dollars….it was hard to endure. Not!. Then we flew to Auckland on Wednesday and stayed in a luxury hotel overnight. The ship docked, we boarded in time for our excursions and had a lovely day. The tour I was on took me to a working sheep farm. The two people that live there were delightful. We got to see a sheep dog in action, sheep being sheared and deer wandering the property. We were treated to a wonderful luncheon of lamb and venison…..I tried not to think about all the cute deer and sheep grazing in the yard……and wine and good stories. A great day. When I got back to the ship, the friends I had made were all eager to hear my stories. Apparently, things were pretty rough on board, but everyone always makes the best of it. Now I have two days at sea to rest and catch up……next stop Fiji…..


Good night from Kiwi land,




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