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Day 16

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Well, I DID IT !!!!!! I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I can't believe it. Our guide's name was Chris. She was great, encouraging and a lot of fun. The bridge is 440 feet high and there are 1337 steps!!!!! It really wasn't scary once I got on the arches, the climb up the ladders and across the catwalks was a bit frightening though.  But it really is quite safe. The climb was about 3 hours.....pausing along the way to catch your breath and enjoy the views.   The views: unbelievable, spectacular, breathtaking and any other word you can think of.....I'm so glad I did this....when I got to the bottom and said goodbye to Chris I started crying. I had told her about my 50th birthday and the goals I set for myself : the shark dive and the bridge climb. She understood and appreciated what it took for me to accomplish these I have to set new ones......look out 60 !!!!!! Anyway, the rest of my trip will be a breeze. On the ship tomorrow to be wa ited on hand and foot....can't wait to have my day at the spa..........
Love from OZ,


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2008 Australia Trip

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