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Day 13

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Arrived in Sydney this afternoon. Had a weird  pakistani  cab driver that had no idea where my hotel was !!!!!and kept yelling out the window at people.  But I made it to my hotel. I can see the harbor bridge from my room !!!! The hotel is called The Russell (google) and it's on the corner of George St and Nurses Walk.  It's a quaint bed and breakfast, it's very old, and did I mention it has no lifts (elevators)!! Oh, and did I mention I'm on the top floor? Oh, and did I mention there are seven (7) flights of stairs? Oh, and did I mention there was no one to help me with my bags? Good grief !!! Well, I'll be burning a lot of calories while I'm here. Went for a walk about town. Lots of opal shops here.....there goes all my savings !
I'm getting an open air double decker bus pass while I'm here. It will take me all over town, I need to get the lay of the land. Hopefully, I'll get lots of pics tomorrow as well. I booked my bridge climb for Sunday. I figure if I can swim with sharks, I can climb a silly bridge!!
Well, I'm going to open a bottle of wine, relax, and get ready for a big day tomorrow.
Love from OZ,


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