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Day 1

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Spent the day shopping, killing time before my 12MN flight. I went to the Promonade in Santa Monica. What an interesting place, with lots of interesting people (some of which had unusual hair styles and clothes). While I was waiting for the hotel towncar to pick me up (wearing my Australia jacket) a really cute Aussie guy walks up to me to ask directions. He had noticed my jacket. He and his friends were very friendly and we chatted a bit. Can you believe it? I'm in LA and I run into a bloke from OZ. (That's what the Aussies call home).
The flight left late at night but I got 4 hours of sleep and had nice seat mates.
Upon arriving to Mooloolaba, my room wasn't ready so I wandered around, exploring the shops and beach. This weekend here is gonna be a doozy. A triathelon is being run in front of my hotel!! There is estimated to be thousands of folks here from all over the world. Should be interesting.
Well, I'm tired and need a nap......I'll check in with everyone tomorrow......


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2008 Australia Trip

Everywhere, Australia