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Day 5, Phnom Penh

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This morning we met our guide, Mr Rarn.  He took us on our journey to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.  Can't even begin to explain the sadness contained in this place.  But I feel absolutely distressed when I notice a group of Japanese tourists laughing.  Talk about a lack of respect.  They are all taking photos of each other posing outside the buildings.  It's just wrong.  I don't take any photos here except from the outside.

We hop back on the bus for the second part of today's tour, the Killing Fields.  This place is also filled with absolute sadness.  As we walk across the grounds, Mr Rarn points out places in the dirt where bone and pieces of fabric poke through.  We scramble to move away.  The worst part of this tour is when he shows us the Baby Tree where the soldiers used to hold babies by their legs and bang them against the tree to kill them.  The last part of this visit is to pay our respects to the stupor in the middle of the group, a large tower like building, encasing thousands of skulls.

The day hangs heavy on us all.

On return from the days touring, Shan, Feb & I stop at the Russian Markets.  Here I manage to find the cookbook for Friends Restaurant.  Also some t-shirts.

We stop for a bite of lunch.  Afterwards Feb and I decide to head to the Jasmine Day Spa.  Feb gets a Pedicure & Manicure, while I opt for the Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage ($US8).  Tonight we have dinner at Mr Rarn's house.  We get a into a bunch of cyclos for the trip.  We arrive to find a group of school students in class.  They jump at the chance to practice their English on us.  I am blown away by the experience.  We say goodbye to the kids and head on up to Mr Rarn's house.

A smorgasboard of food streams out from the kitchen.  Spring rolls, Cambodian Chicken Curry and Fish Hot Pot amongst others.  The food is divine.  Out comes dessert - tarantulas.  A few people give them a try - Feb reckons they taste like toothpicks.  Mr Rarn tells us about his life.  We thank him for his time and he wishes us well on the remainder of our trip.


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