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Day 1, Ho Chi Minh CIty

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Travel day today.  Our first flight from Perth to Phuket is delayed and sets the pattern for the remainder of the day.  We are due to have a 2 hour stopover in Bangkok, before flying to Vietnam, but we end up in negative time and as a result our luggage doesn't travel with us.  "We'll try and get it to you tomorrow" says the flight attendant as we run through the terminal and onto the plane.  "You'll try or you will?"  I'm furious and as we only have a couple of days in Vietnam before moving on, I'm not impressed at the possibility of our luggage not catching up with us.

We arrive at our hotel, the Thanh Minh.  The staff don't speak much English and get confused when we try to ask them what room Febbie is in (she checked in earlier in the day).  They end up getting the spare key and just opening her door in the night.  Poor thing freaked out as you would.  We chatted in Feb's room for an hour or so before trying to sort out the rooms again.  They can't seem to understand why Shannon and I don't want to share a bed!  Finally we leave Shan in a room on her own and the hotel staff take a bed out of an already occupied room to move into Feb's!  Hard way around if you ask me, but we're too tired to argue.

Long day.  Tomorrow we're heading out to find some clothes just in case our stuff doesn't arrive.


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