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A Road Trip Boston To Anaheim City

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Wanted to traveling where located huge of attraction, just like feeling went to Boston to Anaheim city by car and three friend started our road traveling Boston to Anaheim with lots of adventure and enjoyment way. my first time when I travel by car with friends, which was longest road trip in my whole life, more adventure and fantastic journey for us. It was a Boston to Anaheim city road trip 2008, which is near about 2,980 miles longest distance completed in 3 days, but you can complete that distance with in 1 day 20 hours. But we did some best adventure in middle way stopped many places for left his tired ness not starting driving in continue. That trip pushed out lots of knowledge for my whole life, I would be thanks to my friend Ted, who suggested to that trip, I was not agreed but another friend William agreed also to that trip, thus I went with us. 

            Started our Journey in early morning to Ted home. All region or road map along with him, Ted Know road to Anaheim very well because they visited most of time to Anaheim city by his uncle business. His Uncle has a transport business so most of time Ted visited many city to city. So we were not afraid about our journey. Made to be a adventure our journey so stopped in many time road motel area, which was well-known by Ted.

                        When we started our journey then was too glad about our travel but some fear occurred most of time in my mind but not too longer. Ted Drive car about 6hours and stopped on highway motel, near about one hour refreshment William started driving, with Ted Instruction of way. Near about 6 O’clock we reached at Cleveland highways. Changed again our driving, and I was driving at those time. We reserved a hotel rooms for a night at Illinois state and nearest of Chicago city. About 11:30 we reached to our hotels, which was located on IL State. All of them too tired just took shaver bath all of them and ate dinner late night and slept after set of alarm because in early morning wanted start our journey.

                                    Next early morning we woke up 4 O’clock, Ted also woke up but William not left bed, just effort of cry they would to fresh. Put it again him self on our car, first of all full tanked again and started travel, packed breakfast near the motel,z` also fresh fruits carried with us, ice-cream, some soft drinks, and bears. Spent our time in car with chatting of past days memory, future planning and listening of music. We planned Anaheim traveling, what to do at we will reach there? Just like planned we made it in during of driving. If you not stopped in any where then you reached Anaheim in 1 days 20 hours, but we not to made more tired work during travel.

                                    Second stopped at Denver city, which is too famous and remarkable city, every season here comes lots of peoples for spending his and her holidays, Williams and me want to see something there, but Ted not agreed with them, only took some seafood’s meals near the famous restaurant where Ted visited often of times. Second day last stop of our travel; also saw some best place, which showed by Ted. Here reserved a rooms, about 14 hours of driving we stopped our journey in second day (second day we covered 1001 miles distance). Chicago hotels and Denver hotels were too cheap because we reserved before starting of travel by searching or comparing of hotels, also reserved cheap hotels in Anaheim by online at lowest rates. But if you compare of cheap hotels in Boston then you found which is too cheaper than to other cities, because we know very well to Boston as compare to other cities. In Denver we not to went any place, only onsite restaurants we moved for dinner, after ate of dinner, and full cup of ice cream went up on bed for sleeping. William did it 10 hours slept that day.

            Starting third day journey with huge refreshment, in middle way we watched many canyon on the way, took number of snapshot during road trip journey. Fame of travel made best memory something I thought during it. Long drive made it we reached our main destination Anaheim; Ted stopped his best cheap hotels in Anaheim, all time they stopped there. Because his service is best, staff’s of those hotels well known of Ted. I understood when we entered on hotels. Hotel room was super and too big. It was better for three guys. William was too tired and not ate to much dinner that day and would sleeping very soon on night. Ted and me planned for Anaheim tours. Decided to be watched first Disney land then did other activities.

                                                Next Morning, William was feeling too great, because environment of Anaheim city was superb; I felt it when we enter that CA state. It’s a fame of more entertainment activities, when entered to Disney land. Disney Land is the Best sources of destination and most like by whole world all ages peoples, here located huge of peoples, dinning of that place was superb, well Ted Know about very well therefore he reserved 5 days before dinning table on Disney land with hand of his Uncles. Very friendly of TED Uncles, We meet in when we returning to our home. Felt best meals taste in dinning time, really it was a heaven for all ages, most for children, and here we played it roller climbing speed, other activities, and museums of Disney land. But cracker of firework in Night vision was superb, we watched most of time in Nearest Hotel balcony, not too far Disney land from my Hotel, just three blocks far from them. About fours days, we completed Disney land tours with more pleasant way. Also purchased some best shopping on there, T-shirts, toys and some other important things from Disney land.

                                                In Evening time of second last day of our trip we went to shabu shabu(a Japanese restaurants) ate a real delicious meals. I could not forget that taste, two times we ate its. Last day also we packed some of them for way. Also Ice showed we saw which was superb act at there. Exhibitions of Disneyland was spread great knowledge for all ages.

                                    Visited also at Los Angeles downtown where located huge of highest building, business center, beaches of Los Angeles was superb, swimming at there, also saw surfing of some peoples, deep water fishing for three hours, which was best time during on beach. 13 days of journey we came back to our home. But we saved more money due to cheap hotels, Ted knowledge. I f William and me went to there then loose most of money during this travel. So I thing I learnt to that journey, always travel with any experts then you would be make best journey. 



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Boston To Anaheim City Journey By Car

Anaheim, United States