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Rock Patrol Tour - Day 6

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So last day - Thursday - we got up real early, 5.30 to be exact. We had to climb to the top of Kings Canyon before sunrise. So just so you are following, climbing up some MASSIVE canyon in the dark so we could see sunrise from the top of the canyon. Not to mention the fact that we all had stinking hangovers from the night before. I didn’t find it to hard actually. It probably helped that I didn’t smoke before I started climbing so my lungs were smoke free. Anyway… the sunrise was absolutely amazing, so beautiful. We were however, totally over sunsets and sunrises by now. Three days in a row getting up early to seek them out gets to you when you have been sleeping in freezing conditions without much sleep.


We did a hike around Kings Canyon which was about 8km and took us about 5 hours. It was stunning. Flick explained that Australia was part of the ocean floor and was showing us evidence which proved it. She showed us these pretty flowers which were water plants, they looked just like coral. She also showed us these mad patterns on the rock which were ripples and were eroded by the waves. That was pretty impressive. There were also parts of it called ’The lost city’, that was cool. My best bit, other than the gobsmakingly beautiful views and sheer drops of the canyon, was the ’Garden of Eden’. Wow, This was a big hidden garden in the middle deep down in the canyon which shouldn’t be there. It has palm trees and exotic plants which were so out of place. There was also a beautiful little water hole which you are able to swim in in the summer but as it was slightly too cold and they hadn’t had much rain for months. The water would have been full of germs so we couldn’t swim. Apparently, Flick said that if you swim around a small corner of the water hole you get an amazing view over the canyon which you have to keep in your mind because unless you have a underwater camera, you couldn’t capture it. I obviously would have to take her word for it as we couldn’t see it.


We headed of back to camp to pack up. Got back to camp at around 11 and then set off for Alice Springs. The drive was a pretty long one, but Flick and I were chatting most of the way. We stopped of for some lunch and then we arrived at Alice at around 5.


We got to the hostel - Toddys - and I hadn’t pre-booked anywhere because I thought it wouldn’t be full, but they were! Anyway, because I had sat up front in the van with Flick for nearly the entire journey and kept her awake by talking crap, she said that I could share her ‘Suite’. Because of her being a tour guide, she got free accommodation with the operators chosen hostel and all they had left was a family suite. And the best bit was, as I was her guest, I didn’t have to pay!! Result!! Saved myself 60 bucks! Wahoo! Of course that saving didn’t stay in my purse for very long! I think it stayed there about 6 hours!


After everyone checked into there hostels, Jennet, Adriannia and I went off to find a cash point. We had been told by people that we were not to walk around Alice after dark in groups of less that 5 people as it is really dangerous. We literally ran up to the bowling alley at the end of the block but the ATM was out of cash, so we ran back. We didn’t want to chance going 4 blocks down! Flick took Adriannia to the bank so she didn’t have to bother with a taxi. Anyway, we all had dinner at Toddy’s restaurant which was really nice, they had a resident cat called TC (Toddy’s Cat). He was really cute. We had a really nice last night together. We worked it out and the majority were still going to be in Alice the next evening so we all arranged to go out again. This time into town - especially because it was a Friday night.


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Rock Patrol

Coober Pedy - Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Kings Canyon - Alice Springs, Australia