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Rock Patrol Tour - Day 5

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Got up really early and went to Uluru for sunrise. We were a getting a bit over the sunrises by this point. It was pretty but no better than the day before really. Anyway, we had egg and beans for breakfast. We packed up and got back to the camp and packed everything else up and started on our way to the Kings Cannon campsite. On our way we stopped to get some firewood for our camp that night. It was really hot and just before we got out of the bus, Flick said to us “hey guys, just remember you are in grassy area and it is very hot out”, we were like “yeah???“. She said “oh just watch out for snakes” then she got out the bus and into the bush looking for wood. Yeah I didn’t feel much like going in after that!! Neither did anyone else. We all just scurried around near the bus and got a load of wood and then after we loaded the trailer up we jumped back in the bus!


We got to camp just after lunch and had a really lazy afternoon. We had lunch then we sat around, chatting and reading. We had a nice warm shower and then all went over to watch the sunset at Kings Cannon. The viewing point was right next to our camp, like 5 minutes walk so we wandered over, saw the sunset and then came back and started prepping for dinner. After our effort of getting the firewood, the camp we ended up staying in, didn’t allow open fires so we had to take the firewood back out with us and ditch it. We got a load of chairs and set up the camp for a social dinner and we said we would have a drink and play drinking games and cards. We had chicken stir-fry for dinner. It was really nice although the German guys were little pigs and they ate all the noodles so we had to put some pasta on and have stir-fry with pasta! Anyway, after dinner we all started playing cards - the ring of fire. It was so funny!! We all got quite drunk and it was such a shame we didn’t have more of those nights because we had such a great time. Some of the group went to bed early but the majority of us stayed up. 3 abo guys came over to us at about 12 and they were talking crap. We were all really weary because all our stuff was out and that. Tobi told them that they had to leave because we were going to bed. They left but we locked all our valuables up because we were worried they would come back. Anyway, we had a great night!!


Oh yeah, nearly forgot, there were loads of dingos running around the camp whilst we were cooking. It was madness!!!


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Rock Patrol

Coober Pedy - Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Kings Canyon - Alice Springs, Australia