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Rock Patrol Tour - Day 3

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So, on Monday we left camp after having breakfast at around 8am. We drove all the way to Uluru and arrived at our new camp at around lunchtime. We stopped on the way to get firewood too. I haven’t mentioned the flies!! Oh good god, the flies are terrible. There are millions of them, you are trying to eat and they are just flying at you; in your ears, up your nose. It was disgusting and so annoying. They would land on the food and you were constantly trying to eat as fast as you could just so you could clear everything away and get back in to our refuge which was the bus!!


Anyway, after lunch we went to the Uluru Cultural Centre which was really interesting. I brought two cute little aboriginal wooden animal things. $27 - bargain!! After that we went to Uluru for a butchers. Me and the majority of the others decided to climb the rock. It is 300 metres straight up and the climb was like this /, madness. Didn’t make it all the way up but pretty pleased with myself for making it about 1/3 of the way. One of the German girls on the tour also stopped. She had asthma and had forgotten her pump, so we sat on the side of the rock for about an hour just chatting and taking in the view. It was pretty impressive. Amazing!! After about an hour, we all made our way round to the sunset spot and saw Uluru at sunset. Wow! That was amazing! What they say about it changing colour is so true. Got some really beautiful pics. It is strange because Uluru is a rock as apposed to a big sand dune and it is really hard to explain but if you think of a pebble which is half buried in the ground and then scale it up and think of the pebble being 10km around the base, it really puts it into perspective of how big and amazing it is. That may not make sense but that’s me, I know what I mean!!!


So after we had seen the sunset and had a drink at the rock, we headed back to camp. When we got there some other tour group had taken our camp so we had to pack up our stuff and move somewhere else. They had already set up camp and started cooking so it made more sense for us to move. It was worth it though as we got a bigger camp and a cleaner kitchen area. We all got the camp ready and then started dinner. We had really nice burretos. We all sat round having a drink and a chat and then headed to bed because we had an early start in the morning.


That night was another cold one. However, it was warmer than the previous night. I put extra layers on but still woke up early needing the toilet. Still didn’t fancy getting up and walking through the camp to go so waited until 5am when we were due to get up. When I was laying there waiting for everyone to wake up, this was at about 4.30, I saw this thing run past us all, when I said it to Flick in the morning, she said that it was probably a dingo! WTF!!!! She said not to worry about the dingos, they wont do anything, they are just looking for food. Glad they didn’t find any in our camp!!


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Rock Patrol

Coober Pedy - Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Kings Canyon - Alice Springs, Australia