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Rock Patrol Tour - Day 2

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Got up at around 8, we showered and had breakfast then we went on a tour of an opal mine. That was really interesting. We had a look around the opal gift shop, there were some really beautiful pieces there, they were pretty reasonably priced too. Didn’t see anything that I really liked so just got a couple of postcards - boring!! After that Flick dropped us off at a public ‘Noodling’ pile. It is where people can sieve through the piles for raw opals. And guess what, I found some opal!!! It isn’t a big rock of it or anything and I don’t know if it is worth much but who knows, I might be a millionaire!!!


After that, we set off on our way to Uluru to set up camp for the night. We only got as far as the Northern Territory border. We set up a ‘Bush Camp’ in the car park. It was so funny!! For dinner we had Kangaroo balls with pasta. It was lovely, it really was! After dinner, we stayed round the fire chatting for a while and then went to bed. When I say bed, I mean swags! They are a cross between a tent without poles and a thick canvas sleeping bag. They have a small foam mattress and you get in your sleeping bag and then zip the swag up over your head. They are class and actually quite comfortable. It was however, the coldest night I have ever experienced. It was freezing!! I woke up at about 1.30 and was awake until about 5.30. I needed to go to the toilet but was afraid I was going to get attacked by a snake or a dingo or something so I just stayed in my swag. Then I was afraid that there were spiders and snakes which were going to get in the swag to keep warm, which made me even more unable to sleep!! It was great fun but god it was cold!!!


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Rock Patrol

Coober Pedy - Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Kings Canyon - Alice Springs, Australia