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Rock Patrol Tour - Day 1

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Got up at around 6 to get ready for pick up at 6.45. The day wasn’t to interesting as it was mostly driving. We had 18 people on our tour, a few nice girls 1 from Orpington and 1 from Woolwich and a couple from Surrey. Our driver was called Flick and she is really nice.


We stopped at some salt lake, which was really mad. It was a massive lake and it had a thick salt crust. Flick was telling us how they formed. Apparently they are from when the ocean used to cover Australia and when the land rose or the water went down, a layer of salt was left. When it rains, it fills the lake and the salt dries and sticks to the top - or something equally random! Anyway, pretty weird. Flick said that we had to be careful as we walked on it as it could crack we could all fall through and sink.


After that, we didn’t stop until we arrived at Coober Pedy. What a strange little place. The hostel was completely underground and built into a big rock. WE had pizza for diner and then we went into an underground bar. Had a few drinks and came back to the hostel. All in all a good day!


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Rock Patrol

Coober Pedy - Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Kings Canyon - Alice Springs, Australia