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CozyMel and the Riveria Maya

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So my gal pal Liz Garcia and I won a trip to the Mayan Riveria (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen) in October of 2005.  We flew in, rented a car and made the most of our time and cash.

The car rental was a hassle, had to pay tolls, parking, gasoline, not to mention driving on the crazy highways.  But, it gave us the freedom to come and go as we pleased.  The alternative would have been motorcoach, which are all coordinated with the tour sites, air-conditioned, and professional naration, But,  a pinch expensive.

Our hotel, the Real Playa Del Carmen offered snorkeling, scuba, windsailing and horseback riding, all included.  So we did the snorkeling, and took a day trip to Cozumel, traveled out on a super fast ferry, got to see the sights, have lunch and enjoyed shopping.  The major cruise port in in Cozumel, so we saw all the big luxury liners, and thought, "next time, that's how we'll do it"

We drove out to Chichenitza, and Tulum, the larger ruins in the Mayan area.  Amazing. HOT, but amazing.

We enjoyed 5 star serving at the hotel after our trips, including all we could stuff into our faces, chocolates, buffets, rum, vodka... Excess was only the begining.

We finished out stay with an overnite in Cancun, about 40 miles north of the Mayan region.  Hyatt Regency on the beach was great, rooms were very standard, 3 star by American standards, but the grounds, location and service was 5 star.  


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Playa Del Carmen, Mexico