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Journal No 9 - Mustang Sally

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Yesterday we woke around 6am. A first for some. James got a bus into downtown. I got my bikini and walking shoes ready. An odd match you may think. In downtown, serious money was being spent, on... a convertible mustang... for the day. James drove back adjusting to the Canadian roads and we left around 8am for our road trip and day of adventure. We drove out of Vancouver through mountains and along rivers with the top down. Having views all around us was rather incredible. Well worth the spend. James convinced me to gesture to a man driving his huge truck to blow his horn. He did and I felt happy like a child.

We got to our first destination: Bridal Veil Falls where we climbed up next to the waterfall even though the sign said we'd be fined if we did so. But dogs and children were all doing so and we were the more experienced of the bunch so we followed. I was a little scared but as you can see from the photos, this did not hinder my climbing performance.

We strolled down back to the start of the trail to see if the notice board inspired places to visit but they were quite far out and we had plans for 2.30 so we got back into the car and drove to a town called Hope. Here we ate at Skinny's cafe. James had a philly steak sandwich which came with a beef gravy dip- a nice little touch. I had a burger. Note to self: next time order something more adventurous and you may get a beef gravy dip. We looked at the leaflets and magazines they had in the entrance and James spotted the Rambo trail of filming locations but it proved too difficult to navigate. We drove around the area some more and headed to Chilliwack where we eventually went in the direction of Cultus Lake Waterpark. I should mention here that we picked up BBC radio 1 with the digital radio thingy we had with the car. This + car = happy James.

Yaaaay!!!! Cultus Lake WATERPARK. There were twisting waterslides, ones with freefall drops, with floats and boats... "colossal canyon" where 4 of us sat in a large dingy/raft at 75ft nearly going over the sides of the tubes. I could of crushed someone as he was directly below me and I was up in the air. Ahhh. The radical rapids were fun- James and I sat in a boat and as described in the name, went along some rapids. Eeeeee. I had already decided I wouldn't go on the "VALLEY OF FEAR" but James somehow convinced me to. Most pain ever. We sat at the top in the boat and free fell for 45ft to then go back up the other side of the half pipe and fall back down again and again. I went on every ride except the freefall. James was brave and I watched from the side line. Scary stuff. But most fun ever. I did not want to leave and went on a couple of rides on my own whilst James watched patiently.

Just opposite the waterpark was the actual lake which we quickly stopped at on our way home. It was very pretty with lovely houses lining the water. Pictures once again will follow.

We drove back to Vancouver and showered ready for a Swap pub night with our Kiwi friends downstairs. We were knackered but felt like we should go, just for an hour. We spent the night with Chloe and Graeme (the New Zealand couple who live downstairs) and some English sounding Australians. We took the guys home as they wanted to ride in the car. Graeme has rented a dodge charger for their weekend away to whistler so he was impressed. We took a little detour through Stanley Park to West Vancouver and whilst taking some photos of our car next to a smart car and going to leave, we were questioned by a policeman. It was 11 at night and we were in the rich district. But he left with a smile after we informed him that we had rented the car and were a little excitable.

The boys spotted a Mcdonalds and we drove through picking up burgers for the journey home. Classy. A good nights sleep followed by another 6 am wake up to return the car.

James has just come back from his interview at American Eagle Outfitters. I will now sign off and he we let you know about it.

Much love x


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Mustang getaway

Cultus Lake/Hope/Chilliwack, Canada