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Journal No 4 - Moving into our hostel. Oh wait, I mean house!

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Where to begin... Whilst James lays half awake and grumpy next to me, I present to you our next installment. Picking up from where we left off that is. So, we spend way too much on a couple of drinks and some fries at the bar next door, sleep and pack. We leave our hotel by 11 and get a cab (which is where all the craziness occurs) to our hostel. The nice Indian man helps us getting our luggage into the car and we start driving. Within a block perhaps we are telling the driver about our working holiday and about our search for jobs and accommodation. Within two blocks James has a piece of paper outlining the spec for the property he is looking to rent. It is in West Vancouver on Granville which is a long long road which goes over Granville bridge to Downtown. (Type in 5025 Granville street on google maps to locate.) Anyway! We're still being driven to our hostel whilst becoming more and more convinced this is a good idea. He throws in some information about bed bugs in hostels. This doesn't sway us. We're still uncertain as to if it is such a good idea to throw all our cards into one basket. *** Is this even a phrase?? I have never been good at phrases. But good at mixing two or more together.

We pull up at the hostel and he asks how much our hostel will be costing us. $300 a week. Which is the cheapest we could find. He says we can stay for $200 at his house. It all sounds great. I feel I should mention that we already took down his number from a board in the SWAP office. I don't believe in fate but it's pretty fatetastic. He says that we can go look at the place, see how it is and if we want it we can have it. He is a very talkative, enthusiatic man, chanting about honesty and being a good judge of character. We say about the cab fair and he says we can give him ten dollars to take us to his place and back if we still want to stay at the hostel. So we do. The fair should come to $40. It is in a lovely area. One of the worser houses on a beautiful row of fancy houses. It's next to the main road but still maintains a peaceful atmosphere. We go inside and it's so spacious. Our room however is full of other beds but it has potential. He says we can have it for $700 dollars a month for the two of us. Pretty darn good. It may all sound too good to be true but here we are. Sleeping in this lovely mans house who cooked us a delicious curry last night and has offered to drive us to the supermarket and around the local area. He has offered to lend us his bikes, help get us jobs. He is however a massive fusspot who works way too hard and talks quite a lot without really letting you talk. But still very nice. Later that night we move the beds out and have fully moved in. Pictures will follow.

So I've set the scene in many, many words. Will tell you about the New Zealanders, French and Germans living below us when we finally meet them!

Have applied to a job. But don't think its for me. Fancy boutiquey fashion shop. Resumes and cover letters are wearing us a little thin. Plus food is so darn expensive. I will give examples when we actually confront the issue and hand over cash moneys for groceries. I'm sorry this is so long. But one day I may want to be a writer and this may all help :)

James says our phone number is 778-835-7740. At the moment don't ring unless its an emergency but we shall  be getting free incoming calls as soon as the dollar comes in.  We can receive texts for free but it'll still cost you. Obviously.

WE MISS MOLE. James' black shorts curled up on the pillow looked like her. Sad face.

Love you all. Anne x x x


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