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Day 45

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Getting to sleep in our own beds feels good. And I found out they are having VBS and even though I didn't want to wake up to take him at 9:30, I did just to get him out of the house so Michael and I can clean things up and take inventory to get rid of a lot of stuff that we don't need or use, but just to have. We've realized, we can live simply with out all the stuff. Plus this way when we do decide to move, it will be easier. At one point from being over whelmed, I broke down to Michael I said, "The truck is still packed, we can just get back in and go anywhere but here." He said, "We're out of money." I said, "I know, =(" We've realized from being back only a short while, we don't like the weather, the abundance of people, and how rude they are. We liked our little world where the weather was usually perferct, even though you had to cover your head with the sleeping bag to keep warm, the days were hot but not drenching and the people are friendlier and know how to drive.


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Our Trip Across America 2009

Severn, United States