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Day 42

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Woke as early as we could manage and get everything loaded back into the truck. Lead-Deadwood, SD are historic gold towns which are also gambling towns too. Even though we didn't find as place to get breakfast with out slot machines or alcohol, we did manage to find a coffee shack. We head to Keystone for Joshua to see Mt Rushmore. We didn't go into the park since our pass didn't cover it and it's $10 to park. Only thing, I didnt get my NP passport stamped. We headed to Bear Country USA and love it! Elk, sheep, goats, mnt lions, artic wolves, bear, buffalo, donkeys, baby & small mammal area. I think Michael took 100 pics of bears.

We have decided to stay in Wall, SD and head to the Badlands NP. It's like giant harden sand castles that have been weathered over time. On the way back, we visit the famous Wall Drug which is a crazy cool place with it's own "Travelers Chapel". You get free ice water (which is the gimick that made this place famous) and $.05 coffee. (It was the worst tasting water & coffee ever!) This is the last leg of our trip so off to do laundry & up date blog.


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Our Trip Across America 2009

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