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Day 40

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40 days and nights reminds me of the Noah story, but with min. rain. Today is Joshua's day to pick where to go and what to do. We revisit Mud volcano for mom to see Dragon Mouth Spring & is the cooles one by far. In the parking lot there are some buffalo, so Michael went over to take some pics and he said that another guy was there also and went behind the buffalo then back around and he didn't like it and charged about 10 ft to the guy who ran around the van where Michael was standing. He said to the guy, "I guess he didn't like you coming up behind him." And the guy responded, "Yeah, well I've had enough, I'm out of here." Joshua wants to go to the Village to "stuff your own animall", he got a buffalo. We only went as far as Norris. Back to camp to take a hike to the Natural Bridge and of course none of us remembered to bring the camera! The walk was a killer with the swarms of mosquitos!! You couldn't stop at all with out 30 or more swarming, landing, and biting. We finally make it to the bridge and it's beautiful and saw a couple of yellow bellied marmosets.


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Our Trip Across America 2009

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