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Day 36

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Last night was the first time rain actually came down on our tent, but just a passing light shower. Got up this morning to get myself a cup of coffee and I love the part where you turn the corner and you see the mountains with snow still on it! I got back and Michael had breakfast started and Joshua already up and eaten a bowl of oatmeal. (I love the part where you really feel you're on vacation.) Off to the lake for the boys to fish... Don't go to Swan Lake, you have the lack of water space and the mosquitos and lillies are abundant.

Rain is still in the air and we hear thunder in the distance and the wind picked up, so Michael got us in the car to drive around. We wound up at the lake and it was beautiful, full of rage from the wind and rain. 2 more storms came by and nothing to really get soggy over. We have entertainment in the camp somewhere there is a family using a flute and their voices in a language we can't understand, but musical and entertaining. 


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Our Trip Across America 2009

Severn, United States