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Day 34

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Ok so it's not the jets that wake you in the night, it's the train that goes by and has to blow it's whistle! Idaho also has vast areas of nothingness for miles. We had a little side trip to Hagerman Fossil Beds then to see alligators. Michael just thought it was cool to have alligators in Idaho. Whatever.

Craters of the Moon is really cool just driving along seeing these harden lava flows for miles. Now we are going to camp in the middle of it! We went on some walks up spatter cones, along cinder cones and into caves, which were actually lava tubes. Also kind of nerve wracking knowing the volcanoes are dormate and could blow anytime it wants and they say, "It's about time it should." :o We actually got to sleep under the stars because it was warm enough to only need a light blanket. Joshua said he saw 6 shooting stars, I believe Michael and I fell alseep after the first one.

Wonder how long California Fever lasts?


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