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Day 32

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Michael left in the morning to see about staying another night and Christal found herself surrounded by squirrels. They are everywhere. So what do you do when they come so close you could almost touch it, you give it some food. I gave him only nuts from Michael's trail mix (sorry).

Cleetwood Cove is where they have boat rides and we were lucky to get tickets, they usually sell out early. The hike down wasn't so bad (1mile about 1/2 hour down), but as you are going down, it's steep and know it's going to be tough on the way back. But who cares about that?! Just look at the view! Getting down to the water and we all have to touch it. It's not too bad, we've felt colder and also there were people swimming and fishing. The ride around the lake is about 2 hour ride which take you around to point out different sites around the lake.

Slow and steady is the only way to make it back up that crater, oh and water helps too. Took about 45-1 hour not too bad.

And yes we got another night here. The weather is very mild too, we weren't really cold or we are just getting used to the weather.


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