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Day 17

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It did get a little cold, but woke early to go back up the mountain to where the Natives sell their wares before heading to Sedona, AZ. (my favorite place) Near our camp, they have a running spring where we all filled our bottles.  I love this place, we ate and shopped for red dirt t-shirts from the red dirt of Sedona.  They have a store like Whole Foods called New Frontiers and got fresh fruit smoothies!  Yummmy, I miss my freezer and blender! :( They have vortex spots in and around Sedona and we got a map to find one. Didn't really feel anything but the heat, we are back to 109! 

On our way to Phoenix, Michael is anxious to see his parents.  We finally get past the mountains into the valley and see saguaro cactus and palm trees.  I really can't wait to get there either to take a shower, plug in everything, do laundry, wash dishes and get on the computer to update everything and relax. 


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Our Trip Across America 2009

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