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Day 15

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We woke to the sound of a swarm of flies or bees, not sure and really don't want to find out! (you know how Michael is with bees ;)  Listening to the weather band is neat, they give you temps and forcasts for above and below 6000 feet.  We are on our way out of here to head towards Zion N.P.  And instead of going out the way we came in, Michael decided to take the dirt roads which one of them are to take you out in a different area near where we want to be.  Which turns out to be a 3 1/2 hour trip getting us lost (we actually past a section twice) and nowhere.  The GPS isn't helping and Michael is getting frustrated and worried we are going to run out of gas.  I finally convience him to stop at someone's house to give us directions to get to a main road, but no one is home.  The only good thing is, they have about 10 gas cans round the property.  We grab the fullest one, pour it in our tank, and leave a note saying "Sorry, we are lost and in need of gas" and left them $10.  It took about 45 mins after that to get us out.  Let me tell you, I don't think I've ever prayed that hard.  We wound up in Kanab, UT totally missing Zion.  So after a McD's break and a sigh of relief, Michael decides to head to the Grand Canyon.  Instead of the North Rim, he wants to surprise Mom by taking the train from Williams to the South Rim like we did 2 years ago.  Along the way throught Navajo country, there are Natives selling their wares in the scenic pull-offs where I bought a necklace, bracelet and earrings for $20 what a bargin.  We have gained another hour, the time has changed again, but without warning. (our phones told us) We are stopping in Flagstaff, Michaels favorite place because of the volcano where they ski (highest point), to eat at Outback.  We are staying at the Grand Canyon Hotel for a good nights sleep before the train ride in the morning.


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