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Day 13

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We are headed to Capital Reef N.P. On the way we found a Ghost Town called Giles.  Nothing really left only ruins of buildings that you can't see unless you know where to look.  It must have just rained briefly because it was a little muddy.  Joshua really enjoyed when we fish-tailed.  Along the route in the park their are petroglyphs (which we didn't stop to see because a bus just let out), a little cabin where a family of 10 lived, a school house, an orchard of apples, peaches, & pears.  There is lots of red rock with big curious black stones which turn out to be from a volcanic explosion. 

We are traveling through the Dixie National Forest and it looks like there was a fire.  There are Yellow Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Quaken Aspen.  We've decided to stay in the forest at Oak Creek Campground.  And you know when you ride through a camp ground looking for a site and you see this awesome one by the creek and you have to cross the bridge to get to your tent and someone else already has it, well, that would be us you see at that sight!  Lol, it was great, the best yet!  Site #8 for $9.  Joshua has been sleeping since we got here, which he what he does best when he's sick and is a good sign.  It's cold again.  


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