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Day 12

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Will post as soon as I get internet again. Joshua still sick.

We have made it through Arches while Michael and Mom go for pics and Joshua and I stay in the car.  He's gotten sick again and running a fever.  Few hours later while traveling on a back road, Joshua was well enough to drive us and had a great time and did a very good job.  We made it over to Canyonlands, The Island in the Sky entrance just in time to get our passport stamped and buy a few things before checking the sights. We were supposed to camp out around Cayonlands National Park, but the skies are threatening.  We are in Green River safe from the lightening and rain. I'm calling it a night, coz I got no sleep last night taking care of Josh. He didn't eat all day, but at 8pm (mst) he managed a 1/2 of a burger and fries.  Keep praying for him please.


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