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Day 11

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We are leaving Colorado for Utah's National Parks.  Joshua awoke not feeling well, please pray for him. (soreness & headache).  On our way, we are driving on Rt 50, yes the same as in Maryland. We started noticing little mounds of dirt along, so Michael stops and drive off- road (they are regular roads, just not paved) and spot prairie dogs. Driving toward Grand Junction, not many photo ops, the terrain reminds me of New Mexico and it's getting hotter 95F. Going toward Moab where Arches National Park is, we get to drive along the Colorado River.  There are camp grounds and boat ramp along the way too.  We stop to touch the water, not as cold as Gunnison, plus it's running 100-101F.  Michael promised a motel and internet service for his wife. And good thing too, since having no shower facilities at the last stop. And Joshua still isn't up to par. We finally locate a motel off the main road, and given a room.  As I have Josh in the tub, I try to get connected. Couldn't, so I call front desk and it's not working, so I go down to talk to someone. Come to find he is talking on the phone so I have to wait.  Meanwhile this young guy comes in and I think he's from the motel, but he works here and asks to help. I inform him of my situation of not getting service so he resets the routers and comes up to the room to see if I get on and lets me know it's a secured network and tells me the password and try with no sucess. Come to find out I had my wireless switch off (boy did I feel dumb).  Anyway, he sticks around to make sure I can get on-line and I can't keep a good signal. He goes back to see if he has another room to move us closer to the box, comes back with a key. Meanwhile I move down to get a better signal & is where the new room is and tells us he's sorry about the connection and gives us the room for free. Now we have two rooms so Josh and Mom are in one room and us in the other.  How wonderful is that! I could have hugged him. So Joshua and Mom order delivery pizza and Michael and I went out on the town for Mexican food.  After leaving, we ride down to the park and it's sunset and the sights are....... We are coming back through tomorrow while on our way to Canyonlands.  I checked on Joshua @ 10:30 and he has a slight fever 100.6F, please help us pray for him.


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