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Day 10

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We think we have a slow leak in our air mattress, our bottoms where on the ground this morning. Hopefully we will find the leak. (Usually it's in the seam and can't be mended.) We got to do some off-roading:) and got to a point where you look out and see the snow-capped Rockies and glad we didn't get lost or come across a large mammal.  Then headed to the East Portal road that takes you down to the Gunnison River.  There are hair pin turns, steep grades and the cliffs that go straight down for a long time! We were able to touch the river and it is COLD like the water in an iced cooler!  It wouldn't take long for hypothermia. It's only 78F, but it feels like 90F, I guess the sun is stronger at this altitude.  Pray it is not going to be cold.


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Our Trip Across America 2009

Severn, United States