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Day 9

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Cold, but not as cold as the night before. We are heading to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado via the "Million Dollar Highway". There are crazy people here, biking up and down these mountains! First of all these are mountains and there isn't much oxygen (maybe that's what's wrong) to do that kind of strenuous exercise.  8000 ft up the view is... (sorry no words), yes there is Snow-capped Mountains!  Now we are 12,971 ft above sea level and have stopped off at Coal Bank Pass, while taking pics Joshua noticed snow not too far down a  trail, we all took a hike and got to touch and throw Colorado snow!! In Ouray (the best little romanic get-away vacation town with no traffic light) We had the best coffee and chocolate at Mouse's.

Black Canyon is different as fas as no accomodations, only vaulted toilet and a water fountain. The water has to be shipped in from 15 miles away in town. Our first vistor was a deer & hear mice around (not in a scary way, you just know they are there). The family next to us were playing frisbee and let Joshua join in. What a great treat for him. At twilight we hear coyotes howling and before turning in we heard the pups whining for mama as she got closer to them.


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