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Day 7

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Woke to a drizzly day and temp around 65 F.  As we drive northwest, the terrain is changing becoming like painted rock, more trees like pine & something that has silver leaves.  2pm (m) picnic on a reservation and interupted a deer eating, got a great pic. On the way, we stopped at Aztec National Monument and finding that it's a free weekend to get in and everything is 20% off. We arrive into Durango, CO, man the scenery is breath taking and the air has a constant sweet smell!  As Christal was driving, up head she thought she saw a large animal crossing the street and said as much.  Get up closer as traffic was stopped and saw a mother moose & calf! Rare sightings indeed :) We get to Mesa and find out that all National Parks have Sat and Sun, June 20 and 21 are letting everyone in free. It was VERY COLD during the  night!


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Our Trip Across America 2009

Severn, United States