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Day 6

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We have woken at 6:30am (MST), I'm not sure which time zone my body is on physically but we have no problem sleeping especially with Joshua in the middle of us in a queen bed (cheaper rate). Now we are getting ready to go explore a cave.  This is the only tour we can take that is covered under our National Parks Pass and Joshua is just old enough.  Over tours cost money and only 1 tour Joshua can go on. (Trust me, if he was old enough and it was covered under our pass, we would have definitely done something more like New Trout cave in West Virginia ;) It was still a very spectalur sight and great caving system to explore! Pics don't do it justice! You would have loved it, those who went caving with us! Now at 1pm (MST) we are ahead of schedule and headed to meet mom at the hotel in Albuquerque, NM.  The drive is really boring but goes fast.  The terrain is pretty much flat in most directions, seeing miles with brown grasses, low shrub trees, cactus, cattle and an occasional deer.  As we get closer to Albuquerque, NM the color now has reddish/brown tones and more hill/mountains. We arrived at the hotel at 7pm (MST) just as Mom was checking in and we surprise her.  We leave after an oil change for Mesa Verde, CO.


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