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Day 2

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We woke to a foggy morning in Tennessee then some rain. We crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas at 11:45am (CST). We came to find this state flat, wet & hot!  I came to the knowledge that Arkansas grows & cultivates rice, so that is why we saw wet fields & thinking why they would try to grow with such conditions.  We also got a few air shows, they were crop dusting (I'm glad we were just driving through) & I caught it on video & Michael was also watching, so no one was watching the road (Josh was asleep) & I felt him swerve & yelled to "watch the road, I'm watching the plane!" We got to Little Rock at 2:15 pm (CST) to get off of 40 and get on 30 to Texas.  We got to Texas at 4:30 pm (CST) and you know how I've been taking pictures of the "Welcome" signs, we get to Texarkana & no sign! We had to stop at the visitors center to take a picture of us by this very hot metal state of Texas.  We get in down the road looking for a gas station & hear some really noisy birds, luckily I was able to get pictures, if anyone knows the name of them, let me know.  We finally arrive at my cousins house at 8pm (CST) to a great welcoming committee, Alexandra & Tyler!  (Shawn was still at work & Diana was taking a test for school).  Next, rest.


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Our Trip Across America 2009

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