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Journal No. 17 - The delays are getting longer aren't they...

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ANNE'S SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING THIS!!! Just in case you feel short changed cos I'm writing it again. She told me to leave it, but she does have a lot of work over the next few days so you're stuck with me. Someone has just started playing music really loud in one of the adjoining apartments, so I'm wondering if I should go and buy some cider and embrace the racket, or bang my walking stick on the ceiling to show my disapproval. Watch this space.


So the last Journal was the Movie one. Nothing on the film horizon for now I'm afraid. There was supposed to be a sailing scene for me, but alas I have not heard anything and I think it started shooting a week ago, and I fear I undersold my sailing ability. 


 So I was supposed to have that table cleaning job at the old spaghetti factory, and on completion of my background work, I called up the manager of the restaurant (it took me 3 days to get hold of him for a proper conversation), and to shorten the tale, "there aren't any shifts for me at the moment and so it isn't worth training me at this point". So I thought I had a job, and I do, I just don't have any shifts and won't get paid anything. Brilliant. It's so stupid as I completely ceased job hunting for almost 3 weeks, and now I have to start again. Anyway, I had an interview for a chain called "Cafe crepe", which started oddly but ended well. Its a crummy job, washing dishes and taking deliveries etc, but i guess it's what you make of it. Plus I've got to get the job first, but I am hopeful as I think the manager fancied me a little. The male manager that is, so there's no need to worry ladies.


I've been watching wrestling today, and Gossip Girl earlier with Anne before she went to work. She's actually addicted to the American version of "The Office" at the moment. It is really good, and makes her laugh a lot out loud which makes it special.


So we're in the new apartment then, on the appropriately named "Maple Street". We live with a Venezualen girl and a Canadian guy who are both really nice. We've been here 1 week today, and hardly seen the girl or spoken to the Guy. Marionella and Dan are the names. More socializing will happen soon I hope. We love our on-suite room with big mirrored wardrobe and ample storage for me to play with. I also bought a spanking new laptop the other day with my 1st paycheck which is really cool, and taking the strain off of Anne's laptop that I would always be on!


When I'm done writing this, I will add all photo's taken between the last lot and now, but I'll take photos of the apartment soon to show off.


So leaving the old room went almost without a hitch. Anne had to work, so getting out of the room was left to me alone. Our new landlord Georgia was picking me up so I moved all our belongings as close to the road as possible. (Don't worry, this story isn't about our stuff being stolen at the roadside!) 10 minutes before I was picked up, the landlords son, who had been generally good during our stay, came up to me and started talking to me about me owing him some money for a printer cartridge.....he mumbles like the father so sometimes you miss stuff and I was confused. What had happened was that when we first moved in, he came into our room holding a printer. He said it had been left by a French guy that had stayed there before us, and that we could use it for doing our resumes cos he already had one and it wasn't being used! Brilliant! It was really handy in our job hunting and much appreciated. So he actually forgot to mention that he was gonna end up asking me for $100 for a new cartridge! WHATEVER!!! Where was that in the oral contract? I'd have told him to shove it if I'd of known this was gonna happen. So I tells him, "Resh, we've only used black ink (both black and colour were full) to print out 40 resumes, and you never said about this, otherwise I'd have turned down the offer as we can do it for 10 cents a copy at the SWAP office downtown!" So he says something in a compromising tone about only $30 then. I hate this kind of confrontation, especially when involving money, though I guess I've not really had many, but I said "I'm not gonna give you 30 bucks Resh!" So he goes down to $20, what a kind gentleman. He mumbles some more and then says that's how much it'd cost you elsewhere (both father and son have hearing and maths disabilities as he neither listened, nor bothered to do the maths of our printer usage which even with a usage tax, would not have equaled $20 and definitely not $100). What an idiot. So I was furious but just wanted out, so I said alright Resh (in a whatever kind of way), and I walked out the front door, accompanied by him saying, "thats what they'd charge, get used to it buddy!" GET USED TO IT BUDDY?!?!?!?! If he wasn't twice my height and ten times my weight, I'd have beaten him slightly. That was the last I heard from him fortunately, until I met up with Vino early the next morning to collect our damage deposit from him. So he says that Resh told him to deduct 30 dollars from it. Something to do with the printer. So I told Vino to give me all of the money because Resh and I hadn't agreed on a price, and that I would call his son later that day to sort it out. I got the money and the skipped away doing that heel click jump I can see John Cleese or someone like that doing. I think it might actually have been Morcambe and Wise? So I called him up, and paid him his $30.......NOT REALLY!!! If I ever see him again I'm gonna kick him off his bike and throw all the brown coins in my pocket at his face.


So the fireworks, and the cliff jumping! I'm gonna leave that till next time. The next few days I hope. Maybe tomorrow night.


Hope everyone is doing well wherever you are, and that there's no more surprise marriages etc going on.


James x






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