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Mini Journal No. 16 - The Germans have advanced!

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So 2 muscley German girls have moved in next door. Paula and Julia. One is tall and scary and the other is some kind of ninja. Both very quiet. I folded their washing up, then they decided to take lots of our space in the fridge with their Geman food stuffs. Bratwurst, sour kraut (?), schnitzel etc
Its not their fault. Vino is just a dick who has moved them in too quickly, without thinking about space and stuff. I don't know if their plan is to move into our room when we leave, but at the moment their room is directly opposite Vino's room, where he goes to bed at 9pm and snores like a cheap whore. I feel sorry for them except they are actually really loud, and are already treating the house as if it were their own. This excites me for the future as I prey that they end up in many confrontations with Vino, ending in a timely Karate chop to his neck like an old Roger Moore/Bond movie. 

Today and yesterday I have been watching a volleyball tournament that a stumbled upon down at Kitsilano beach which was really fun.

I have also been walking around the area of our new flat and I found that we have a really pretty cross-roads bit just 1 block away which has a grocery store, a couple of cafes and a really nice looking French restaurant on it! I'm looking forward to eating there!

I can't think of any other things right now. I might write the Movie Journal later tonight, but Anne is trying to force me out against my will. I will resist at all costs.



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