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Look north to the mountains.

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I feel it's about time I wrote a journal. James is asleep. I am awake. It's half 2 and I can't sleep. And I write this mainly to Julie besides James has been doing me injustice, I'm not always sleeping :) You Taylor's are just morning people and this Poole is a night owl. Plus I went for my first north American run today around 10pm which has kept me up I fear. Vino had angered me by teaching me how to wipe surfaces and such and so I decided I would run to Safeway. And I didn't stop. I've just checked it and it's about 1.8km, so just over a mile. We'll see if I keep this up though. Maybe we shouldn't move out so Vino can fuel my fitness.

To be honest, I haven't anything interesting to say. I think I am just writing because there is no one to talk to. How very sad. I had my first day of independence today when James went for extra work. He seemed in good spirits when he got home and "worked" along side the black guy from Tropic Thunder. No, not Downey Junior but the real black guy. I love Robert Downey Junior. I'd quite like a t shirt with his face on. James got loads of food which I'm most pleased about as AnneJam dinners haven't been very inventive of late.

So today I went shopping. Shopping meaning returning to a shop where I had already purchased a dress to get them to take the alarm tag off. But I did buy another dress, it was $15 what can I say. That is rare. And then I had sushi alone and went grocery shopping alone and got the bus home alone. Made some spaghetti bolognese and had fun talks with Vino about cleaning.

Erm, I am looking to buy a bike so when we move to our new place I can just bike to work which will save lots of time and get me fit.

Adonia, which I learnt means beautiful woman is getting better. I learnt that Ping, the owner/manager is 52 which is hilarious as she is "adonia" and looks about 28. It'd be nice if the Asian gene blesses me with youthful looks into old age. Anyway, I feel I am just ranting as there isn't much point to this message. So, sorry for wasting your time.

I think we are going to be looking after Mila for a weekend. Not that we've even been walking her dog or Lacey but her owner Cassandra has a wedding in NY so she'll have to give her up and pass her over. mwuahahahaha. I love her.

Work is a little frustrating at the moment because Brock is giving me 2 shifts a week and Adonia about 8 hours which isn't making up full time hours. I am starting to like Adonia more but think maybe I should look for a different job. But then Brock may give me more work and I'm screwed so I'm not sure what to do. There's a mexican restaurant a block from our new home which looks fun so I may apply and just see.

Am starting to prepare a letter to Public Outreach, a company who campaigns/fundraises for an abundance of charities. Still haven't got round to it, but I have a day off tomorrow to write the letter. Also, I plan to write to all the stupid coffee shops all over Vancouver that use paper cups when drinking in. It's ridiculous. I'll order a tea, they'll go for the paper cup, I'll ask for a china mug. A little messed up. And I thought Esquires was bad. But seriously, it's ridiculous. Bitter and intolerant is what I'm becoming with old age.

I also am looking into (just peering) UBC courses and funds and scholarships etc just to get an idea. A few guys from Brock go there so I shall discuss. Paul is arranging beach volleyball this Friday before work so maybe I'll strike up a fun conversation for them and talk about school.

I haven't been up to anything fun, so I'm going to have to up my game for your amusement. The most fun I've had is in my dreams where I'm back at Burnt Mill performing Wilson's dance routines. Good night all. Good morning to you.


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