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Journal No. 14 - About F-ing time!

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Howdy doody everyone!

I'll set the scene of my current position at home. I'm in a towel on the bouncy chair in the corner of our room. Once again I feel confined to these 4 walls because the whole of "Team Uncomfortable" a.k.a. Vino, Vino's ex wife whatever her name is, and Vino's Relic-Mother, are wafting about somewhere outside our room.
Luckily I have 1 bottle of water and so can survive for several weeks under these harsh conditions.
Its 9:39pm and I've just been talking to Viney online while he is in Australia again! Funny because he was there for a year before when I was in England, and I didn't talk to him once then!
Skeen and Barakus also called me earlier today from Spain (to great expense on Skeens mobile), and they were both drunk but it has been a really good day for catching up with friends!

So the last time we wrote was my birthday tales. Its very difficult to remember what we have done nowadays, as things become more normal for us the longer we are out here, and then perhaps a little more forgetable? Thankfully my ever growning OCD type tendancies have caused me to write on our calender whenever we have done something significant! These past few weeks it has become glaringly obvious that as I am ageing, I am also becoming much less care-free and spontaneous, and far more nervous and worrysome(?). Anyway, I plan to do something spectacularly outrageous which will get me back to where I once was. I actually got a but scared and sweaty palmed (thanks mum) on the monorail thing the other day. How silly.

Back to the calendar.
So you know we walked the boxer called Lacey, and incidentally we have't walked her in about 10 days which I found very weird, then it turned out that her owner Ryan had rung Annes phone, not got through, and then didn't bother to ring my phone, thus resulting in no further walkies. Disappointing.
It didn't matter though, as we soon got an email from a lady called Cassandra, who requested that we walk her 3 legged dog "Mila" the next day. She apologised for the short notice, but we didn't care. We met Cassandra and dog that night, got a key to their marina-side apartment, and it was left to me to walk Mila the next evening because Anne would be at work. So I walked her the next day, and she is fantastic and so loveable its ridiculous. She got attention from pretty much everyone we encountered and I picked up poo for the first time. (In a bag of course). She has by far taken Lacey's mantle as "cutest dog ever". I'm serious. After our long walk including treats from an old lady, water from a young lady, grass from a bit of grass, and strokes from too many to mention, I eventually got her home where she drank a big bowl of water then came and plonked herself inbetween my legs as I was sat on the floor and looked up at me for some attention. I honestly could have stayed with her for ages, but thought it might look weird if I was still there when Cassandra came home! |Cassandra is some kind of nurse, and is very nice by the way. Also I know I haven't said what type of dog Mila is, and thats because I don't know, but pictures and info will follow next time we see her.
Cassandras mum has been in town for the past week, but we are supposed to be looking after Mila for the weekend I think perhaps the last weekend in July, which we are really looking forward too!
That was a massive paragraph just about a dog!

Just briefly, we had another call from a guy who wanted his 2 dogs walking, but that fell through as his girlfriend got some "proffesionals" in without his knowledge. What a cow.

So I think it was Monday that I decided I wanted us to move out. Annes has been sort of half checking the housing adds on the internet, but I was in denile that we would stay here, regardless of the annoyances and Team Uncomfortable just because it is so cheap. Either way, something happened in my brain on Monday while Anne was at the Tea House, and I went out to the SWAP office, saw a couple of ads, got the numbers, and called them straight away. Rarely have I been so proactive, especially when on my own!
I spoke to a man who sounded exactly like Vino, so promptly made my excuses and hung up. Then through a few confused voicemails, I spoke to Georgia who was renting a room in her apartment in Kitsilano which is 30 blocks closer to downtown and to Annes Brock House work. She offered a showing for us the next night, so I filled Anne in when she got home, and we agreed to go.
So we met her and her over-protective dog "Basil" and briefly, her flat-mate Dan. She was really nice, and the apartment was really great and in such a nice location. Close to pretty much everything that we need.
If you search for #102, 1988 Maple Street, Kitsilano, Vancouver, you can probably find a picture of the building, and perhaps the inside if you are lucky. Anyway, it turned out that she wasn't origianally going to rent out to a couple, but she'd decided that she didn't really need the big room with double bed (cos she's single), and so basically we're kicking her out of her own room! Its en-suite and has a little patio at its front. There will also be a Spanish girl moving in with us who we are assured is very nice also.
So it didn't take long to agree that we wanted to move in! We do so on August 1st, which is not soon enough if you ask me! We had to sort out an agreed deposit and we are going to sign the paperwork on the 17th this month. So that was all great, except we now had to tell Vino about all this. When we first moved in, he said about him needing 60 days notice! Which I just ignored as being ridiculous, plus I never thought we would move so soon anyway! To cut a long story short (this Journal is already far too long), I eventually told him. Neither Anne nor I wanted this job as he is so difficult to talk to/deal with. Well I think I delt with him pretty alright. Anne was listening through our bedroom door, and cringing as she listened to the awkward conversation. He's so full of it. He talked about being a really fit man, gesturing at his son as being un-fit, and talked some more utter nonsense.  I said how I realised we were giving him short notice (less than 1 month), but that there was not much we could do about it, and that we would make an extra effort to find replacement renters for our room so he wasn't left in the lurch! He rents out to so many people, and SWAPers are always needing cheap rooms ro rent, so this should not be a problem. He is a dick though. Suggesting he would hold on to our "damage deposit" if we left without replacement renters because he has to look after himself. Its utter bollox, as he must be making so much money from all of us that are renting here, and then making out that the damage deposit was also a "security" deposit. |Fortunately I have a signed piece of paper by him with the words "damage deposit" on it.  I beleive this will hold up in court, and if not, I will prize the money out of his grubby little mitts.

While all this fun stuff was going on, I had 2 walk-in interviews. One with Yuk Yuks comedy club for a bar-back position, and the other for a Bus boy (table cleaner/setter) at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown.
The Yuk Yuks interview brief but good, except there were about 20 people waiting for their turn, and a lot of them were tits. Especially the self-named "Squeezy". We would have not got on.
The OSF interview went really well, and ended with Rob (one of the managers) saying that I would be near the top of the list, which is always good to here! I didn't build my hopes too high after the last time, but secretly built my hopes really high! He said I would hear on Thurday if succesfull.
Thursday came...Thursday evening came. Not wanting to wait anymore, I called them up, and spoke to someone useless and didn't get anywhere. I called again yesterday to try and talk to rob again, but he wasn't there. Then I learned that someone I met on Grouse mountain had already been told that they had got a job there, so I pretty much assumed that I had not. But I rang once more, and finally got hold of Rob who said he would talk to Andre the other manager. Andre was put on the phone and told me to come in Saturday (today) to have an interview with him. I said to Anne that he obviously didn't trust Robs opinion of me and so needed to see for himself! So I went in today and there were 4 other people there (who'd already got the job) who were for orientation. Andre turned up. He looked at me and said that I was supposed to have an interview with him, but that Rob liked me, so I had the Job! Thank god for that, but its not flipping easy!
I'm really lucky that I persisted with the phone calls when I did otherwise who knows what would've happened.
So we were oriented in this big restaurant that I'm sure I will tell you about another time, and then we left. I spoke to Andre on my way out and tried to explain that in my other life, I have an acting career and that he would need to accomodate this if I was ever to become famous. I'm not sure if he understood me, but we will see when I receive my first shifts early next week!

My word thats enought for now. My bum is completely numb from the bouncy chair which is the main thing I will miss when we leave here. Its 11:09pm now. Anne won't be home till 2am. I ate some curly fries earlier which has got me through till now, but now I'm thinking about what I can make with our very understocked fridge. I hope this Journal hasn't been too self-indulgent. I'll make sure Anne writes the next one to relieve my guilt.

Until next time, byeeee!

Other things we did included: going to Ceilies dubious Irish pub last Wednesday night with our kiwi and oz friends. Just for our free drink mind you, and also KFC on tuesday because it is "Toonie Tuesday" which means you get 2 chicken bits and chips for under $3 which is good, but Toonie means 2 dollars and so means Canadians are stupid.
Oh and Anne managed to get 3 tall bendy mirrors and a nice throw rug for $6 at a yard sale accross the street, and then when I came back from the city later that day, there was a TV on the street corner, waiting to be taken for free! So naturally, I took it.


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