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Journal No 12 - so old i'm sick

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HELLO ALL! It's the evening before my birthday, and Anne has gone down to the nearest Safeway in her running trainers to get some milk and replacement rolls as she has become a food thief since we've had housemates. I haven't gone with her cos I've felt rough for the past few hours and need to rest before our early start tommorrow. I'm only writing this now cos i said to ma that i would! It's about time though eh.

I'm having to think back now over the past week.............I've gotta start writing things down...........don't wanna repeat myself too much.........sooooooo, Anne put an advert on the Vancouver classifieds internet list thing, advertising us as "dog walking enthusiasts" because we both liked the idea and thought we could earn a bit whilst doing so. We heard absolutely zip until 2 days ago where we got a call from a man named Ryan who sounded very nice and wanted help walking his 1 1/2 year old boxer called Lacey. His condo was in North Vancouver to which we hadn't actually been yet, but I was too excited to say that it was too far for us to go, so eagerly accepted his offer to go and meet him and dog for coffee at lunchtime today. Anne spent the time inbetween the phone call and our coffee date carefully reminding me that it is actually too far to go just for $10 an hour. Anyway, off we went to day to meet at Ryan's place at 12. We took a bus, then the seabus, then a 10 minute walk, and it took just over an hour which I don't think is bad at all especially as it is a Sunday! We saw Ryan and Lacey on their balcony and he came down with her and we walked to get some coffee (english tea). Lacey is so lovely! She is a very curious little sniff monster but she is very good with people and other dogs. She had a little pink collar, and Ryan said she was a bit of a princess and sometimes she would not do toilet infront of anyone, but then she did a big crap in the middle of the pavement. We drank and talked and walked for about an hour and a half, then walked back to the condo where we went up to the 8th floor I think. Excellent view! It must be a pretty pricey place. The large windows and balcony overlook West Van and the mountains to the north, and also across the water to the sky scrapers of dowtown. A perfect view. Anyway, we came away with a key to the swanky condo, and a walking date for this thursday afternoon. We are very much looking forward to it.

Yesterday Anne had to work, but I went off on my own to do the "Grouse Grind" which is a trail up the side of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. It was a Bunac organised event so about 35 people met downtown ot get the bus to the "bottom" of the mountain. I started talking to Vincent (Irish), Emma (welsh I think), and Jess and Katie from Durham/Palmers Green. I wasn't really listening to be honest.
The bus took half an hour then the treck took just under 2 hours. It was much longer and much steeper than I had imagined though I had no justification or information to have imagined anything less!
At the top there were a few little shops, a bear/bird sanctuary and zipline and some other stuff. I also saw a 45 minute cheesey lumberjack show which was really excellent and above all else FREE!!! Anyway, Anne and I will do it together soon I hope, and perhaps take the dog.

So I'm counting the dog walking as "part-time employment" for myself, but I do also have work for 2 weeks in the middle of July. I joined a casting agency for background performers/extras about a week ago. I did this because Resh (landlords son), suggested I did so, and I thought why not. So the same day as the dog phone call, my agent (HAHA) called and said their was a continuity roll for a casino scene in a film called Percy Jackson. So I obviously said yes! I don't really know anything else, except I may have to go to a wardrobe fitting sometime this week. All exciting stuff.

Other things we have done include going to see the film, "the hangover" which was brilliant. Mimi and Frank, go and see it, Mum and Dad, don't. I do make myself laugh.
Anne keeps bringing home delicious puddings from Brock House including lemon cheesecake, blueberry pie, and actual wedding cake. This has to stop!

*Mimi, Anne says the cheesecake tastes just like lemon torte if not better!

We're getting up at 6am, to collect our rental car (I think a toyota yaris) at 7, followed by an hour or so drive to the white water rafting base somewhere near the Elaho river. We'll be there for about 6 hours, then we'll drive on to whistler were we'll be shocked at the high prices and then end up coming to near homeish to perhaps eat at the spaghetti and meatballs place that I have been craving.
Then on Wednesday it is Canada day. Anne once again is working to keep us afloat, while I plan to get tiddly on the beach whilst pretending to have friends.
That is all for now as we have to pack our things for our adventure tommorrow.

Talk to you all soon I hope. I'm not gonna bang on about us planning to talk to you all on the phone because we are rubbish, but it'll happen. Night night everyone.

James & Anne (and Lemar) xxx


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