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Journal No 11 - Anne had been replaced by Russel Brand and Adam & Joe!

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its 3:50pm and i'm sitting on the edge of the bed on the laptop listening to the adam & joe podcast, as i have been doing for about 10 days now since i realised i could download them! anne and i went out at 10:30 this morning and walked to her work (tea house), where we parted and i went off to do some mega grocery shopping. 45 minutes later i was done, with several bargains in my heavy loaded rucksack and re-useable save the earth one too. Pretty much all vegatables you'll be pleased to hear, though I said to anne last night that i'm craving meat pretty bad. I got home with the shopping, stuck it in the fridge, put the 2nd load of washing on and erected the makeshift washing line out side our window, even though the sun wasn't really shining and the rope i bought, extends 10 fold when you put anything heavy on it, thus our bedsheets are currently lightly lapping the paving outside! anne arrived home for about 45 minutes before she was changed, toast-fed, and off to catch the bus to Job 2 (brock house). she was in really good spirits considering such a long day ahead of her and leaving me once again at home to continue the search for work.
incidentally, i have an "interview" for a dish washing job at an Italien cultural centre.....I don't even remember applying for it, but the "interview" is on monday afternoon. If i don't get this job, then there is definately something going on that i don't know about. i also applied for a promotional job involving dressing up as a superhero somewhere in downtown. This says a lot about my current state of mind.
i finished reading my russel brand book last night. the 1st whole book read in 3 years i reckon. hurray for me. i'm now left with ewan mcgregors motorbike trip through africa, which i seem to be numb to after 2 pages, as i beleive most books might be having just finished the brand one!
right now i am looking at the times for the RIO TINTO ALCAN DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL tomorrow, which we're hoping to go to before anne has work again in the evening. its not far away at all so shouldn't be a problem.
ermm.....struggling to think what we've been doing apart from annes work and my house-husband duties......

went out to look for clothes for anne yesterday, but considering its a big city, we are as yet to be impressed with the amount of reasonably priced clothes shops around here. ooh the suns come out now.
anyway, i can't think of much else right now, my backs aching from the typing which is also a worry for the upcoming possibility of dish washing back ache, as everyone knows my undying love for dishes.
i've got 2 b'day cards through already. ma, yours took 4 days i reckon to get her which is ridiclulous.
anne probably won't be home till between midnight and 2am, so i'm trying to work out just what to do with myself (for free).

right then, toodle-oo

James x


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