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Not numbered to annoy James

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As James is unemployed and therefore slacking, I am writing again. But he is reading next to me, 72 pages into Russel Brand. Unemployment is educating it seems. Ciaran you are his inspiration.

I now have 2 jobs, which I feel quite bad about, but it takes the pressure off James and as long as one of us is earning, all is fine. I had whinged to mum about the Tea House in Kerrisdale and had not been contacted for over a week but went back to work for a few hours on Saturday and  Monday. To the rest of you who don't know, the owner and all employees bar one speak Mandarin. Most of the customers are Chinese and most of the phone calls you receive are in Mandarin. Speaking to Brittany the other Caucasian girl, she mentioned racism but I'm yet to get her views. There are perks however, it is a cute little tea house with home made cakes and sandwiches. You can order afternoon tea, and much like at the Ritz, get a cake stand with miniature cakes and sandwiches. Made slightly different however- with homemade scones and croissants for the bread. The decor is nice, it's small and very quiet at times but I am given lots of responsibility which is cool. I tried some taro cubes today.. an Asian dessert kind of like Mochi. YUM!! Some other perks include taking home leftovers, lots of bread to take home and ideas for future bake offs.

I had an interview with Brock House- the banquet place on Jericho Beach. Literally. I rang a few times and didn't have much luck but then spoke to the manager and the guy who interviewed me and I hadn't got the job. But the next day, Jeremy (interview man) rang me and said I did have the job and there was a mix up etc. Suspicious but still good. I went to work there yesterday and had a good time. I started at 4 and was thrown in the deep end for a wedding. Just had to follow the lead of others. I was in charge of 2 tables. But my already ruined back was and is painful. We had to carry huge trays and clear away all the tables and chairs, lifting them up stairs. We got dinner as well before we started work and had drinks throughout. Steak, potatoes and pak choi. Poor James. Everything was very laid back and a little disorganised but everyone seemed nice. The groom was sick at the end of the night. I feel I should add it was a Chinese wedding. Yes they are everywhere. We stayed for a beer at the end of the shift and Anastacia my work buddy drove me home. Jeremy the floor manager was recently promoted from mere server like me, and so it very nice. The actual owners also are good. I have shifts on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday so I shall let you know how things go.

On the food front, we've been eating lots of stir fry's, healthy foods, strawberries!! They are delicious. Ma, they will rival the ones you have growing. We went for a Mongolian BBQ a few days ago which was yumyum. We filled our bowls with vegetables, meat, noodles and sauce and the guy cooks it all in front of you in 20 seconds. I put way too much chilli in mine but it was still super tasty.

James will hear back from American Eagle on Wednesday and he can tell you how the interview went and if he got the job then. Laazzzy. We are planning to make calls home  but some of us are busy bees. Soon I promise.

James' birthday is coming up and we're planning to go white water rafting. I'm hoping to hire a car again-but this time the cheapest one and head north towards Whistler. I'd like to check it out before we commit to spending the winter season there but James isn't as keen. Anyhoo, I'm getting sleepy and all this talk of food is making my belly talk. Good night all x


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