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Journal No 7 - Morning of job hunt

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Hello all. It's Anne here. It's been a while hasn't it. The past week has seemed to merge into a headache with a handful of fun times. I started work at a tea house which I don't think I am staying on at. There was a huge lack of communication considering my managers English was poor and all off the staff spoke to each other in Mandarin. James got a phone call today from the ice cream shop he applied for but the manager was pretty rude. He asked him to come in to work (even though he'd not had an interview). He said about coming in at 3 but they wanted him right away (this was before 9am) and made it clear they weren't going to pay him even though he was covering a shift. Hmmm. Which brings me back to the tea house. I think it's a thing here than you can do training- even if that consists of two days work and not get paid for it. I don't think the tea house will amount to anything.

I had an open interview for a lovely restaurant directly on Jericho Beach and it went really really well. The only problem being the huge pile of resumes from other applicants. Apparently I'll be getting a call today. At first I was pretty darn confident as we talked like friends and spoke similarly about things but whilst waiting for a call, my confidence has fallen. Time will tell. But I do really want this job.

Besides job hunting and two wasted days at work, we have been to Jericho beach, swam in the pool at Kitsilano Beach, made nachos and drank cider whilst watching the basketball, visited English Bay and listened to some free style mc's??? made a stir fry, watched terminator at the cinema...

It's now 11.20am, an awkward time as restaurants all say to visit between 2-5 to speak to the manager about work, but waiting makes me nervous!!!

Some activities that are on the cards: kayaking on the sea, white water rafting, going to a water park, going to grouse mountain, hiking, going to a farm, biking around Stanley park, getting a car??? Will our next journal inform you of any of these delicious activities- I hope so.

Love Annie x x x


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